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University institutional trust funds, endowment funds, and special funds accounts meeting certain requirements (see Policy 403 for details) may earn interest on their cash balances by investing in the University Temporary Pool (referred to hereafter as the Temporary Pool) or the State Treasurer Short-Term Investment Fund (STIF). Both funds invest in short- to intermediate-term notes and bonds.

Money Market requests are not appropriate for University-related foundations and accounts managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs, as there are other guidelines for their participation. Select University departmental accounts participate in money market investment by default. For these accounts, there is no need to create a request to participate.

To determine the level of participation in the Money Market System and receive a distribution of income, an authorized departmental representative must determine that the account has an appropriate investable fund balance. For more information, see the relevant policies and procedures below or contact the Cash Management Team.

Policies and Procedures

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