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The Budget, Planning and Analysis Office performs all ongoing functional responsibilities including budget oversight and reporting on state funds in compliance with all state regulations and requirements.

Policies and Procedures


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Budget Journals and Budget Transfers training

Budget Journal Entry Templates

UNC Budget Partners

State Budget Resources

  • Resource Management Planning Initiative SharePoint site (login required)
  • North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM): The OSBM website contains links to news about the state budget, facts and figures about the state and state finances, and key budget documents.
  • NC Budget Documents: The Budget Manual for the State of North Carolina is maintained by OSBM for use by state departments, agencies and institutions in the preparation and administration of their budgets. The Manual is a guide to state departments and agencies in discharging their duties under applicable laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of department heads and their fiscal staffs to acquaint themselves with the Manual.
  • NC Fiscal Research Division (FRD): NC FRD is a non-partisan staff agency of the NC General Assembly. This site has links to Budget Legislation for the most recent ten years, revenue forecasts, and FRD publications and presentations on North Carolina’s finances.
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