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The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is an annual report of the Department of Financial Reporting and Management Services at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill designed to provide accountability and transparency to the people of North Carolina and beyond concerning its fiduciary resources. Each report details the fiscal status of the university‚Äôs revenue, operating expenses, investments, capital assets, accounts payable, accrued liabilities, and short-term revenue. It also features news highlights of the University’s initiatives, emerging opportunities, charitable donations and campus growth during the fiscal year reviewed. The objective is to give accurate and obtainable information within the context of the overall mission and goals of the University.

More details are provided on the individual report pages below. 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Cover


Former Reporting Model (pre-GASB 34)

2001: Current Funds Revenues and Expenditures – Peer Comparisons

Fiscal Years 1992 through 2001

  • Current Funds Expenditures by Function – PDF | Excel
  • Current Funds Revenues by Source – PDF | Excel
  • Summary of Ratios – PDF | Excel