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All University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees are enrolled as a vendor in the ConnectCarolina system upon hire by the unit’s Human Resources Manager, which enables them to receive pay through Payroll Services. Further steps and modifications should be done by the employee via the ConnectCarolina system. Instructions are below.

Direct Deposit

Since 2008, all employees – faculty, staff, temporary employees and students who receive pay through Payroll Services – participate in mandatory direct deposit of pay per the University’s Payroll Direct Deposit Policy. Direct deposit provides assurance that your pay will be in your bank account as of the bank opening on pay day. Direct deposit is secure, reliable, convenient and fast, and with direct deposit there are no lost checks.

Employees enrolled in direct deposit can view details of earnings and deductions by accessing their pay notifications online using the Self-Service menu in ConnectCarolina. Online access provides a secure way to view or print your pay notifications not only for the current pay period but for past pay periods.

Payroll Deductions

W-4 and NC-4 Forms

The amount of federal and State of North Carolina withholding taxes you pay is based on the information you provide on your W-4 and NC-4 withholding certificates and the amount of your taxable earnings. Employees submit their initial W-4 (Federal Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate) and NC-4 (North Carolina Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate) forms online through ConnectCarolina, which means quicker and more convenient updates to the university’s payroll system and replaces previous paper forms.  The employee may then access and update their forms as required via SelfService in ConnectCarolina. For instructions on how to submit and update your W-4 and NC-4, refer to the job aid below:

If you have problems accessing the forms, contact the UNC Help Desk.
If you are unable to update your W-4 or NC-4 after working with the UNC Help Desk, contact Payroll Services at:

Note: Employees can view or print only their own personal tax forms.

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