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The University Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a card method of payment available to University employees through their departments, with appropriate approval from their department heads.  It provides fast payment for goods or services allowable under Policy 1252 – Small Order Purchase via P-Card, and can be used for purchases up to $5,000.00.

To obtain a University Purchasing Card (P-Card), an applicant must take the required online P-Card training and associated quiz. Applicant must complete the P-Card application and sign the P-Card Accountholder agreement form. The application must be signed by the applicant requesting the card and the department business manager.

The application signed agreement form and the finance Access Request Form must be provided to the department’s Access Request Coordinator (ARC) who will submit the forms to the P-Card department for processing. The P-Card department will reach out to the applicant once the card is available for pick up.

Once in use, the cardholder is responsible for submitting all receipts for P-Card purchases in WORKS, the University’s online reconciliation program for the card.

For relevant guidelines and policies, see the information below.

To Apply

Handbook and Training

Computer-Based Training

Resources and Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)

Policies, Procedures and Forms

NOTE: Please download and save these forms before completing them.

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