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The University Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a card method of payment available to University employees through their departments, with appropriate approval from their department heads.  It provides fast payment for goods or services allowable under Policy 1252 – Small Order Purchase via P-Card, and can be used for purchases up to $5,000.00.

Employees fill out an application for the card, receive approval from their department and send in the application to the P-Card office. When the P-Card is ready, the employee will pick up their card from the P-Card office and must attend a mandatory training session before using the P-Card. Once in use, the cardholder is responsible for submitting all receipts for P-Card purchases in WORKS, the University’s online reconciliation program for the card.

For relevant guidelines and policies, see the information below.

To Apply

Handbook and Training

Computer-Based Trainings via CarolinaTalent (Permanent Employees Only)

Computer-Based Trainings for Non-Permanent Employees

Resources and Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)

Policies, Procedures and Forms

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