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Outgoing wire transfers, both foreign and domestic, are overseen by the Accounts Payable and Vendor Services Team and then implemented by the Cash Management team.  A wire transfer starts at the department level. Departments fill out the appropriate form of payment below, foreign or domestic currency, and then attach supporting documentation and obtain departmental approval for the transfer.

  • Campus vouchers payable to foreign vendors in USD should be entered in Connect Carolina. PO vouchers will be submitted normally through Accounts Payable and Supplier Management Team.
  • Campus vouchers for wire transfers in foreign currency are not entered into Connect Carolina before the wire is processed, because Connect Carolina is based in USD. Include all supporting documentation with the outgoing wire transfer form and submit to Accounts Payable, CB #1220. The vouchers will be entered by the  Cash Management Team after the wires are executed. PO vouchers will be submitted normally through Accounts Payable and the USD amount entered after wire is sent.

Questions about wire transfers, foreign or domestic, can be sent to or by contacting Accounts Payable staff directly by email or phone, found in the Accounts Payable Staff Directory.

All wire transfer requests require pre-audit approval from the appropriate department: Office of Sponsored Research, Accounts Payable, or Payroll Services.  Once approvals are given, the Cash Management Team conducts the transactions. Complete instructions and workflows are included in each form.