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As of June 30, 2023, Bank of America will terminate its Prepaid Card program. Please see the March 13 memo for details.


Prepaid cards are the University’s preferred study subject payment method in lieu of checks issued from imprest accounts.  All existing imprest checking accounts are being closed and no new imprest checking accounts will be opened by the University.

Eligibility – Request Access to the Prepaid Administration Tool (PAT)

Only authorized University employees (EHRA and SHRA) may use the prepaid card program and gain access the Prepaid Administration Tool (PAT). Students are not allowed to access the PAT.

Prepaid Card Program Accounting Process

For instructions on the accounting process to set up your cards, please log in to the Prepaid Card Program Accounting Process page with your Onyen. Here, you will find:

  • How to request access to the Prepaid Administration Tool (PAT)
  • How to fill out the prepaid card set up form
  • Preparing a card advance request
  • The journal entry debting process
  • How to order cards or have them mailed
  • How to load cards
  • How to reconcile the cards (deadline 15th day of the following month of charges)
  • Required documentation needed for reconciliation
  • How to request additional spending authority
  • How to report an advance balance remaining
  • How to report a missing or stolen card
  • How to cancel a card

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HIPAA Requirements

To remain in compliance with HIPAA regulations, the University requires all study subjects who receive a reloadable prepaid card fill out a HIPAA consent form. Reloadable prepaid cards require the study subject’s name, address, phone number, and phone type to be associated with the prepaid card. If questions about whether the study is a covered unit or not, please talk with your department and the Privacy Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my project/department get charged the card fee and load fee?
No. The fees are offset by an earnings credit from funds held in university bank accounts. Projects and Departments are only responsible for the amount loaded onto prepaid cards.
I need help using the Prepaid Administration Tool system or need in person training, who do I contact?
Contact the Cash Management team by emailing
A study subject is having trouble activating their prepaid card, who do I contact?
Cash Management recommends that study subjects activate their cards by going to the website listed in the prepaid card documents in the envelope with the card. If they continue to have issues, please contact Bank of America, then Cash Management for assistance.


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