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Vendor Classification Supporting Documentation Required* Helpful Tips
Domestic Foreign**
Outside Party Outside Parties include S and C Corporations, as well as LLCs taxed as S and C Corporations, Partnerships.
Outside Party-Individual (Standard) This classification is intended for individuals receiving reimbursement for travel or other expenses. Sole Proprietorships and Single Member LLCs should be treated as Outside Party-Individuals (or as Independent Contractors when appropriate). For exceptions to this, see below.
Outside Party-Individual (Exceptions)
Attorney, Rental Payments, etc.
In general individuals receiving compensation for services provided must be treated as independent contractors and submitted for IC approval. However, exceptions include Attorneys and Rental Payments. This category may also be used for individuals receiving stipends, awards, or compensation for participation in a research study.
Independent Contractors Independent contractors must be approved prior to creation in the Campus Vendor system. See Finance Policy on Independent Contractors for further information. Photographers and Videographers should be treated as Independent Contractors.
International Students International Students need to submit the following directly to to be set up in the system:

  • Letter from the Department on departmental letter head that states: the student’s name; the fact that the student is a foreign student; the student’s UNC PID; and the fact that the foreign student does not have a social security number.
  • Form W8BEN
Students/Employees No documentation is required to create a new employee or student vendor. All employee and student vendors update their address in ConnectCarolina under the home address field. Employee ACH information will populate in the vendor profile from the Payroll system. Student ACH information should be added to the vendor profile through the campus vendor request process.
Affiliates No documentation is required to create a new affiliate vendor. UNC Hospital affiliates update their address and ACH information by asking their Hospital HR Representative to update the affiliate system. Non UNC Hospital affiliates update their address and ACH information through the campus vendor request process.

* For links to forms, please see the Becoming a Vendor with UNC page.

** Foreign vendor documentation should be submitted directly to rather than through the Campus Vendor system.
***Foreign vendors providing services in the U.S. need Foreign Vendor Withholding Assessment with supporting documentation.

****Banking Information (ACH Form) not mandatory for study subjects, students, affiliates.