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General Information

Audit Information

It is very important that TIM Administrators use the correct procedures in TIM. In particular, before performing complex actions in TIM, the corresponding section in the manual should always be reviewed.

Examples of complex actions include changing comp time or overtime in the timecard, setting up schedule patterns, processing adverse weather, applied termination actions (TIM Administrators Only) and historical edits (TIM Administrators Only).

The latest version of the TIM Manual for TIM Managers and Administrators posted online.

TIM Administrators who have questions after reviewing the manual and attempting the action in TIM should email TIM Support at with detailed information, such as the employee’s name and PID and the dates and actions being attempted in TIM.

SHRA Permanent Non-Exempt Employees (not set to capture) should enter their times in and times out in their timecards in TIM on a daily basis to ensure accuracy and completeness. The times for each day should reflect the actual time the employee started work and the actual time when the employee stopped work. Actual times out and in for meal breaks should be recorded daily as well.
Managers should review each SHRA Temporary, Student and Permanent Non-Exempt Employee’s timecard each week.

Adjustment to hours worked or leave taken must be made in the timecard within the week it was earned. The time period should be changed to a range of dates to show Monday-Sunday of the week being reviewed.

SHRA Employees should approve their timecards in TIM each biweekly pay period. The biweekly deadline for employee approval in TIM is determined and communicated to employees by the department or division management.

Employees cannot make edits to the timecard after it has been approved. All changes or entries will have to be made by their manager.

Managers of Student, Temporary and SHRA Non-Exempt employees should review, edit (if needed), and approve their employees’ timecards in TIM each biweekly pay period. The biweekly deadline for manager approval in TIM is determined and communicated to managers by the department or division management.

Managers may continue to make edits to approved timecards until the timecard has been signed off by the TIM Administrator.

TIM Administrators are required to Sign Off all SHRA timecards in the previous biweekly pay period by 5 p.m. on the first Tuesday after the previous pay period ends.

  • Sign Off prevents any further edits from being made to the timecard in the signed off pay period.
  • Sign Off removal requests sent to must be received by 4 p.m.
  • TIM Administrators are required to sign off EHRA timecards for the previous month by the 15th of the current month.