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To: Campus Unit Finance Leads, University Business Managers
From: Rebecca Spanos, Director, Travel & Payment Card Services

As a follow up to last week’s communication regarding profile information in Concur, we have determined that the impacts to user profiles were the result of an internal IT upgrade and not an issue caused by Concur. It is important to clarify that this was an internal file loss issue and did not result in any compromised information or security concerns. We are instituting safeguards to prevent future issues such as these.

We have repopulated as much information as possible back into user profiles. On the evening of Monday, April 15, we were able to re-add all Travel Assistants (current as of 4/10/24), all Frequent Traveler Accounts (current as of 4/12/24), and all active T&E Cards (current as of 4/14/24) which have been activated.

All remaining required fields will need to be completed on the employee’s profile prior to booking new travel. Travelers may update their own profiles; however, to help facilitate this process, we will be sending import templates to all departments/units which can be used to gather information on their employees’ behalf. Once returned, the Travel Office will use these files to import the data into Concur.

Please note that these import templates will not include the following required fields for employees’ protection:

  • Gender (must match the government-issued photo ID used for travel)
  • Date of birth

These fields must be completed by the employee or by their Travel Assistant prior to booking any new travel. In addition, we cannot use the import templates to verify email addresses. The verification process enables users to be able to login with their email address as well as forward receipts to

Thank you again for your understanding and patience as we have worked to resolve this issue. If you need assistance, please submit a help ticket to the Concur Support Desk.

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