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Dual employment with another State agency* occurs when a permanent SHRA employee, regardless of FLSA status, is needed on temporary and/or part-time basis by another State agency. This is limited to a situation in which the employee possesses specialized knowledge, skills and/or abilities not readily available in the requesting State agency’s recruitment area.  It is used for a critical need or a one-time, fixed-term assignment with specified beginning and ending dates, and cannot conflict with the employee’s regularly assigned duties.

An employee must complete the Dual Employment process before beginning work for another department or state-agency.  Review all the policies and procedures below for complete details.

*This policy does not apply to any employment with a local Board of Education, the Community College System, UNC Healthcare, or a city or county government. Any additional employment with these organizations is considered secondary employment and is covered by the University’s Secondary Employment policy.

Policies and Procedures


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