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Departments can save time and money by taking advantage of the vendor contracts negotiated by UNC-Chapel Hill, consortiums, the UNC System Office and the State of North Carolina. Purchasing from these vendors reduces or eliminates the need for multiple bids (where applicable) and provides access to lower negotiated costs.

UNC-Chapel Hill Contracts

UNC System Office, Consortium and State of North Carolina Contracts

UNC-Chapel Hill purchasers have access to the contract agreements managed by the UNC System Office and the State of North Carolina.

You can use the lists below to determine whether a contract exists for your specific requirement.

Contact the appropriate Purchasing Category Managers for help identifying appropriate contract vendors.

University Contract Term Requirements


  • Contract Term for goods may not exceed three (3) years including renewal and/or extension without approval of the State Procurement Officer (SPO).
  • No contract may allow for more than 2 one-year renewals without prior approval of the SPO.


G.S. 143-53(d): The University of North Carolina may solicit bids for service contracts with a term of 10 years or less, including extensions and renewals, without the prior approval of the State Purchasing Officer.

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