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The Department of Internal Controls works with departments, colleges and units throughout the University.  At the request of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Budget, Office of Internal Audit at UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina Office of the State Auditor or UNC System’s Office, it conducts evaluations and walkthroughs to assess internal controls. Each year an assessment is prepared according to the prescribed method of controls testing developed by UNC System Office of Compliance and Audit Services. In addition, departments are strongly encouraged to conduct self-assessments on an annual basis.

Self-Assessment Evaluations

The Internal Controls Self-Assessments are developed annually by the Internal Controls Office and the UNC System’s Office to assess select University unit’s compliance with internal controls. These selected units will be asked to complete self-assessments as part of the University-wide compliance testing program.

The Internal Controls office will provide self-assessments guides for managing important financial controls within the units. We encourage you to periodically review these guides to assess your unit’s compliance with proper internal controls.


Internal Controls conducts walkthroughs at the behest of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Budget, the UNC Systems Office, or the Office of Internal Audit at UNC to ensure that satisfactory plans are in place to address outstanding audit findings and follow up for remediation within a timely basis.

UNC-Chapel Hill Finance, Infrastructure & Audit Committee

If you have concerns about financial activity within your department or unit, see hotlines on the Internal Controls Tools page.

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