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If a department needs help with an outstanding Purchase Order or check that needs to be stopped or reissued, they can contact Accounting Services’ Construction and General Accounting Unit who will work with Accounts Payable for any additional action needed.

For projects having a budget end date: if the budget end date has passed and the project has been closed, then you must first contact the budget holder to reopen the chartfield prior to submitting your request to stop or reissue.

If a Department advises that a check has not been received, the next process is a Stop Payment/Reissue. Those requests may be directed to Accounting Services, Construction and General Accounting Unit, ten business days from the payment date. Accounting Services will then notify Accounts Payable to reissue.

If a check has been issued and no payment is due to the Payee, checks may be returned to Accounts Payable. The check will be voided and the funds returned to the account. A check issued but never delivered to the Payee will fall under the State policy for Escheat. After a prescribed amount of time has elapsed, these funds will not be returned to the account but sent to the Office of the State Treasurer, where the Payee may claim such payment.

Policies and Procedures