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This information is for suppliers/vendors who have received an email invitation from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Accounts Payable.  If you have not received an email, but would like information on how to become a vendor with UNC-Chapel Hill, see “Becoming a Vendor with UNC.”

The Supplier Portal is a new platform where vendors update and maintain their own vendor information in a more secure manner. Vendors are responsible for updating and maintaining their information in our system and need to submit through this portal.


Accounts Payable will send an invitation to a contact person for all suppliers, prospective and current, so they may register in the portal to confirm their account information in our system.  Once you’ve completed your registration in the Supplier Portal and have been approved, only you can make changes to your banking and address information going forward. Upon registration, when you enter the system:

  • Suppliers who have never received payment from the University but are setting accounts up for the first time will click on the Prospective Supplier tile to enter and upload their information.
  • Suppliers who have conducted business and have been paid by the University previously will click the Existing Supplier tile to refresh and upload their information.
  • A smartphone with a camera is required to download the security application.

Required Documentation

Complete these documents before registering for uploading into the system:

How-To Guides for Registration

Returning Users – How to Update

Updating Supplier Information in the Supplier Portal

What should I do if I am unable to locate the invitation to join the portal in my inbox?
Please look in your spam folder for the invitation. If you do not receive the invitation within 2 business days from the initial email by our office please contact It is strongly recommended to add and as contacts in your mailbox to avoid emails going to spam.
How do I know if our company has ever done business with UNC-CH in the past?
Please contact and we can look up your account.
Can I use our shared email address for correspondence regarding the portal (such as
No, for security reasons you will need to use an email with your name in the address. A shared email can be used for payment remittances.
Our old bank account number is still displayed in the portal. How can I remove it?
Click on the pencil edit icon beside the bank account you wish to remove and check the “Remove Bank Account” checkbox. Once your change request is approved, it will no longer display.
Can our business have more than one Primary Contact?
Yes, we strongly recommend your business have two or more contacts that have access to the portal.
How do I remove or replace a Primary Contact?
Check the box indicating “checking this box removes a contact’s access to the portal” then click “OK” and click “Add a New Contact.”
Our profile shows our old address along with our new one. How do I remove the old address?
Click on the pencil icon for the address you no longer wish to use, click the box “Remove Address” and click “OK.”
How do I replace our old bank account with our new bank account?
Once you add your new bank account and make it the default, click on the pencil edit icon beside the bank account you wish to remove and check the “Remove Bank Account” checkbox. Once your change request is approved, the old account will no longer be used.
Our business has more than two address/locations. Why can I only put in one Primary and one Remit address?
Once you are approved as a supplier you can add additional addresses through a the “Change to Existing Supplier” tile.
Where do I find the forms that need to be attached to my profile?
You can locate the forms on this webpage under Requirements, Step #3 or from the Forms Tile on the Supplier Public Home Page.
What if I lose or replace my phone or no longer have the Two-Factor App? How do I enter the portal?
Contact and we can reset the two-factor for your account.
I cannot remember my username or password. Can I still get into the portal to make an update?
Look for your “Welcome to UNC Chapel Hill – Continue Your Registration” email which will contain the email and link to the portal. The username will be the email that was used for your initial registration. To reset your password, click on the UNC Portal Button within the email and then click on the “Forgot Password” link.
I’m registered on the Supplier Portal. Can I attach invoices for payment on the Portal?
The Supplier Portal is not used for attaching invoices for payment. If submitting an invoice, please mail your invoice to the billing address. If you wish to email the invoice, please make sure you have an appropriate department contact as the Accounts Payable department does not have a dedicated email for receiving new invoices. If submitting against a contract PO, you may either follow the above instructions or you may use our portal dedicated to PO invoicing. All necessary information and instructions for the portal will be sent along with a copy of the PO once the PO has been created.

Terms and Conditions

Supplier Portal Contacts Responsibilities

Prospective portal suppliers and existing portal suppliers are required to enter a primary contact. A secondary contact is also strongly recommended.

  • Primary and secondary contacts must be current employees of the company being registered in the portal.
  • Contacts must disclose company-issued email addresses and phone numbers to the portal, not personal email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Contacts must agree to install two-factor authentication software on their smartphone and keep the software for continued business with UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Primary or secondary contacts must periodically, no later than every six months, review information electronically stored for their respective company in the vendor portal, such as addresses and banking information. If during this review inaccuracies are discovered, the primary or secondary contact must submit a change request(s) accompanied by supporting documentation to correct such inaccuracies.
  • When a supplier contact registered in the portal ceases to be employed by the supplier, a contact must notify UNC-Chapel Hill immediately, at, to have the contact removed from the system.

Payment Terms

The State of North Carolina payment terms are net 30.


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