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Transition Information

The Airfare Request (Central Airfare Billing System (CABS)) is an effective and efficient method for faculty, staff and student travelers to purchase airline tickets for University business trips and directly bill the University.

The Airfare (CABS) requests are processed within the Web Travel system, a web-based application designed to provide an easy-to-use method for requesting air-travel authorization and to allow a traveler to book and pay for an airline reservation without receiving a travel advance or paying for the ticket out-of-pocket. This system allows a specified University fund source to be charged for the cost of an airline ticket when an authorized travel agency issues a ticket against a pre-approved air-travel request. Each designated departmental chartfield will then be charged monthly.

Airfare Request (CABS) Steps

  1. A ticket may not be purchased using CABS until a C# is processed and approved through Web Travel.
  2. Web Travel is accessed via ConnectCarolina. Choose Web Travel from the Finance menu, then choose Web Travel in the list of subsystems. Complete all required fields.
  3. Call or email World Travel, Inc., provide the traveler’s desired itinerary, and obtain a ticket cost estimate.
  4. Call or email World Travel, Inc. You must provide them with:
    • An Airfare request number C# (Cxxxxxx).
    • The traveler’s PID# (for non-University travelers, please provide vendor ID in place of the PID)
    • The department ID#
  5. World Travel, Inc. will enter the Airfare request (from their end) and complete ticketing. Your fund source will be billed through Web Travel. Travelers will receive an e-ticket.