NOTE: While World Travel's systems are operating normally, delays with travel reservations may still occur due to issues with other travel suppliers.
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For travelers who are not eligible to receive a Travel & Expense Card, the ability to book airfare through direct billing is an effective and efficient method to purchase airline tickets for University business trips and directly bill the University. Faculty and Staff who are not eligible for a T&E Card may utilize the Airfare Direct Billing payment method online, via Concur Travel, or when contacting the University’s Authorized Travel Agency, World Travel, Inc. Student and Guest travelers may continue to book through the Central Airfare Billing System (CABS) within Web Travel until further notice.

Concur – Faculty and Staff

  • All Faculty and Staff travelers will submit a Concur Request to obtain pre-travel approval. Travel & Expense (T&E) Card Accountholders may then book online, via Concur Travel or directly through the University’s Authorized Travel Agency, World Travel, Inc. and make payment on their new T&E Card.
  • Faculty and Staff who are not eligible for a T&E Card will use their Concur Request ID Number to book online, via Concur Travel, or directly through the University’s Authorized Travel Agency, World Travel, Inc. Transactions will automatically be direct billed to the University and assigned to the traveler in Concur Expense for reconciliation. A Step-by-Step and Quick Start guide are available. See more information on the Concur resources page.

WebTravel (CABS) Users (Students and Guests Only)

Central Airfare Billing System (CABS) requests are processed within the Web Travel system. The steps listed below allow a specified University fund source to be charged for the cost of an airline ticket when the University’s authorized travel agency, World Travel, Inc., issues a ticket against a pre-approved CABS request. Each designated departmental chartfield will then be changed monthly.  Follow the steps below:

  1. A ticket may not be purchased using CABS until a C# is processed and approved through Web Travel.
  2. Web Travel is accessed via ConnectCarolina. Choose Web Travel from the Finance menu, then choose Web Travel in the list of subsystems. Complete all required fields.
  3. Call or email World Travel, Inc. and provide the following information regarding the traveler and the reservation:
    • Legal name of the traveler as it appears on the photo ID which they use for travel.
    • Date of birth.
    • Cell phone number and email address of the traveler.
    • Where they are traveling to and from, also known as the routing.
    • Dates of travel.
    • The approved CABS request number (Cxxxxxx).
    • The traveler’s PID (for non-University travelers, please provide vendor ID in place of the PID).
    • The department ID number.
  4. World Travel, Inc. agents will provide flight options to choose from based on the information above.
  5. Once flights have been chosen, the Travel Arranger will receive an email from WorldApprovals to complete the reservation. The Arranger may either approve the reservation and confirm/provide the CABS request number, or they may reject the reservation if changes are required.
    • A CABS request number should only be provided to ticket the reservation after the CABS request has been submitted and is in Ready for Travel Agent status.
  6. If approved, the reservation will be ticketed and the traveler will receive a confirmation email with their itinerary.
  7. The CABS request will be updated in Web Travel and your fund source will be billed.

Please review the WorldApprovals frequently asked questions below for additional information.

When booking a CABS reservation for another traveler, how will I know that my approval is required?
If you are the travel arranger, you will receive the approval request via email once the CABS reservation is ready for ticketing.
How long do I have to approve a CABS reservation?
You will have 24 hours to approve the reservation. Please keep in mind that airfare costs are subject to change until the reservation is approved and ticketed.
What happens if I do not approve the reservation within 24 hours?
The reservation will be automatically canceled. The traveler and the travel arranger will receive an email notification advising that the trip has been canceled.
Will I receive any reminders that the approval is pending?
Yes, a reminder email will be sent to the travel arranger at 12 and 20 hours after the initial approval email request is sent. Once the reservation has been actioned (either approved or rejected), no further emails will be sent.
What is the email address used for the approval requests?
The approval requests will be sent from
What happens when I approve the reservation?
The reservation will be sent for ticketing, and the traveler will receive a ticketing confirmation email once complete.
How do I approve a reservation?
Select the hyperlink in the email. The link will open a page in your web browser with a field to provide or confirm the CABS number for the reservation. Once the CABS number is correct, select Approve to complete the reservation.
What happens when I reject the reservation?
The traveler will receive an email advising them that the reservation has been rejected, and the reservation will be cancelled.
How do I reject a reservation?
Select the hyperlink in the email.
Who should I contact if I have questions?
For questions related to the approval process, please contact the World Travel Technical Product Team.  For questions related to a reservation, please contact the World Travel Agent Team.