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BuyCarolinaBuyCarolina, a new cloud-based purchasing solution, allows purchasers to comparison shop and make smarter purchasing decisions without having to “punch-out” to each supplier separately and start a new search. Instead of users having to perform separate searches across various suppliers, the system will return all similar products from different suppliers onto the search return screen. Purchasers can then compare items and their prices and select from the supplier they desire.

BuyCarolina allows departmental users to order online from contract vendors and pay electronically. These contract vendors provide deep discounts on UNC-Chapel Hill’s market basket.

Purchasing Limits

Most scientific, information technology and MRO supplies are limited to $25,000 per order through ePro. Vendors Airgas, Amazon, ARC3, Ferguson, Lowe’s, Staples and Storr orders are limited to a maximum of $5,000 per order.


Please note:

  • For FedEx, WEX/Wright Express (Vehicle Fuel), or VWR International (Chemistry Storeroom only), visit the eCommerce page instead.
  • For ARC3 and Airgas, see the Gas and Dry Ice page.

Right now, the University has 34 vendors it contracts with, but BuyCarolina will eventually open up the marketplace to 50 or 60 vendors. The drop-down list below serves as an overview of vendors currently in the system.