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The Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) is overseen by the Graduate School but implemented through the graduate student’s academic department.

The UNC-Chapel Hill GSHIP plan is a separate plan from the student health insurance plan. Graduate students functioning as Research Assistants (RA), Teaching Assistants (TA), Fellows or Trainees are eligible. The insurance program for graduate students is separate from insurance programs for Clinical Fellows, Postdoctoral Trainees and Postdoctoral Research Associates.


Initial enrollment takes place in the fall semester, between August and September 15. For students enrolled after Sept. 15, the effective date of coverage will be the most recent first day of the month unless a retroactive enrollment is approved. The department must verify and match the student’s local mailing address from the enrollment paperwork to the address in the enrollment system.

Retroactive Enrollment/Termination

Retroactive enrollment/terminations can be made if they are requested within 60 days or less of the requested enrollment/deactivation dates. Submit a written justification to the Graduate School. For special circumstances, see Procedure 1112.2.

Costs and Fees

For the 2023-24 policy year, the minimum prescribed compensation amount for services that a student must receive is $8,000. The premium cost per student for annual coverage during the current policy year under the program, provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, is $5,096.04 ($424.67 per month).  The Campus Health Fee is $205.08 per semester ($410.16 per academic year) for fiscal year 2023-2024. For more details, see the May 23 memo.

Policies and Procedures


1112.1.1f – UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate Student Health Insurance Program Verification of Student Eligibility