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Expenses for travel on official business by University employees are reimbursed at the following rates set by State legislation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US General Services Administration (GSA), US Department of State and the Department of Defense as applicable.

Transportation by Vehicle

University travelers are encouraged to use a state-owned or leased vehicle through Fleet Services. If a state-owned or leased vehicle is not available, travelers should use the least expensive method of ground transportation to meet their business needs.


When a personal vehicle must be used, the allowable IRS mileage rate, effective Jan. 1, 2024 is:

67 cents per mile

Mileage reimbursements up to 350 miles (round-trip) are reimbursed at the full IRS rate. For trips which exceed 350 miles, mileage above the first 350 miles is reimbursed at fifty percent (50%) of the full rate. Please refer to 1501.4 – Procedure on Ground Transportation Expenses Including Mileage Rates for more information.

Lodging and Meals (Per Diem)

Per diem is the allowable amount for room and meals based on the destination and dates of travel as detailed below. See 1501.5 – Procedure on Per Diem Rates and 1501.6 – Procedure on Lodging Accommodations for more information.

Lodging and Meals References
Location of Travel Lodging Rate Name Meal Rate Name Website
Continental United States (CONUS) Daily lodging rates (excluding taxes) Meals & Incidentals (M&IE) Rate lookup
M&IE Breakdown
Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and Possessions (OCONUS) Maximum Lodging Rate Locals Meals & Local Incidental Rate lookup
Local Meals & Local Incidental Breakdown
International Maximum Lodging Rate M&IE Rate Rate lookup
M&IE Breakdown


Reimbursement for lodging may be made only in the amount documented by an itemized receipt of actual lodging expenses from a commercial lodging establishment.

Effective for travel beginning March 1, 2023, the University will now utilize the lodging per diem rates set by the US General Services Administration (GSA), US Department of State and Department of Defense as applicable. Travelers should secure lodging no more than 50% higher than the lodging rates set for their destination and dates of travel. Lodging rates only apply to the nightly room rate charged by the establishment and do not include taxes and fees. Lodging obtained in excess of these rates will require additional information.

For more information on lodging rates, excess lodging and third-party lodging information see 1501.6 – Procedure on Lodging Accommodations.


University travelers are only eligible for meal per diem when they make an overnight trip. Partial day per diem is possible when the partial day is the day of departure or return for a trip, but it must be in conjunction with an overnight trip taken. Reimbursement of meals outside of overnight travel is not permitted.

Tax and tips for meals are included in the per diem rate. The cost of meals included in other related activities (registration fees, conference costs, hotel registration, etc.) may not be duplicated in reimbursement requests.

Effective for travel beginning March 1, 2023, the University will now utilize the per rates set by the US General Services Administration (GSA), US Department of State and Department of Defense as applicable.

For employees, all rates are loaded in Concur and will populate based on the dates and location of travel and the meals selected by the traveler for reimbursement.

For all other travelers:

  • Look up the rate based on the destination and dates of travel utilizing the links above.
  • First and last day of travel are calculated at 75% of the day’s total rate, regardless of the traveler’s time of departure or time of return.
  • If a meal was provided to the traveler and not paid for out of pocket, that meal must be deducted from the full day’s per diem rate. A breakdown of meal rates are included in the links above.
  • If meals are provided to the traveler on the first or last day of travel, the 75% calculation is taken first and then the full meal rate is deducted. For example, if dinner is provided on the first day of travel for a location with a $65 per diem rate the calculation will be $65 x 75% = $48.75 – $26 Dinner = $22.75.
  • Per diem reimbursement for a given day of travel will never be less than the incidental rate for that day, regardless of the calculations above.

For more information on per diem rates, see 1501.5 – Procedure on Per Diem Rates.

Account Codes for Employee Travel
The same account codes are used in WebTravel and Concur Expense.
Type In-State Out-of-State Out-of-Country
Airfare 526110 526210 526310
Car, Train, Bus, Taxi, Rental Car, Rental Car Gas, Parking, Tolls 526120 526220 526320
Water Transportation 526130 526230 526330
Lodging 526140 526240 526340
Meals 526150 526250 526350
Other Expenses: Baggage Handling Tips, Telecom Fees 526160 526260 526360
Registration 528310 528320 528330
Account Codes for Non-Employee/Guest Travel
Category\Guest Group Board Members, Athletics Teams, Guest Speakers Recruit Prospective Undergraduate, Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Trainee Recruit Prospective Student Athlete Recruit Prospective Employees Participant Expenses (Workshop / Seminar / Camps) Study Subject Expense for Study / Clinical Trial
Transportation (Air, Water, Rail, Road, including parking) 526710 526780 526780 526790 569312 523160
Lodging 526740 526781
Meals 526750 526782
Others (baggage fee, rental, driver tip, telecom fee) 526760 526780
Registration 528310 (In State), 528320 (Out of State), 528330 (Out of Country)