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Careful use of the requisition comments field can help your request be processed in a timely manner. In addition to the details listed below based on the type of requisition, include any other information that will help the purchasing agent process your request.

New Requisitions

  • Prior purchase order number if applicable
  • Indicate if line item will be received by quantity or amount
  • Supplier contact information (name, email, phone) in header comment information.
    • Be sure to provide the information for your DIRECT contact.
  • University department contact information (name, email)
  • Indicate if PO is a blanket/standing order

Renewal of Existing Requirement

  • Include prior purchase order number or contract number if applicable
  • Provide all information required under new requisition

Change Order: Increase/Decrease Quantity or Funds

  • Existing purchase order number that requires a revision
  • Indicate the line or lines you are changing and clarify the amounts on each line. Example: “Adding $5,000 to line 1 to increase it from $25,000 to $30,000.”
  • Reason/justification for increase or decrease
  • For decreases line value should be $0 (do not use negative amounts!)

Change Order: Liquidation/Cancellation

Liquidation: All payments are complete on the order, remove any remaining funds.

Cancellation: Goods or Services ordered are no longer required. Cancel if contract allows, remove any remaining funds.

  • Existing purchase order number that requires a revision
  • Confirm that ALL invoices have been paid
  • Enter the line numbers to be liquidated, or if applicable “Liquidate Entire PO”
  • If canceling the purchase order, enter the reason

Change Order: Chartfield Change

  • Submit a funded requisition that includes $ amount of each line moving to the new chartfield string (CFS). (If you’re changing CFS on 3 lines, requisition will need 3 funded lines.)
  • Indicate line(s) to be replaced (“Create line 4 to replace line 1.”)
  • Old CFS lines will be liquidated, and new lines created with the new funding line
  • Do not need a line requesting liquidation of old CFS lines

Change Order: Adding Additional Scope

  • Existing purchase order number that requires a revision
  • Provide new Statement of Work or requirement to be added to the Purchase Order
  • Additional funding should match the amounts shown on the updated vendor proposal