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Attaching all of the required documents and forms with your requisition can help your request be processed in a timely manner.

Core Details

  • Clear and concise requirements
    • Services: Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Materials: Detailed Product List
      • Describe requirements in detail
      • Can submit Excel sheet if needed
  • Supplier quotes and contact information
    • Up to $25,000: One quote required.
    • Between $25,000 and $100,000: Minimum of one quote required. Contact information for up to three suppliers optional.
    • Greater than $100,000: Include contact information for any recommended suppliers.
  • Invoices for scheduled purchases
    • Incremental billing under multi-year agreement
    • Software (annual renewals) or multiyear contract
  • Contracts for review and signature. Attach the contract in Word format if available.

Special Cases

Exceptions From Standard Process

  • Waiver of Competition: required to explain why only one vendor or brand is considered capable of fulfilling requirement (greater than $25,000 only).
  • Unauthorized Commitments: contracting for goods or services greater than $5,000 without requisitioning through purchasing services is considered a misuse of funds regardless of the funding source. See Policy 1227 – Unauthorized Purchases for details and exceptions. When requesting a Purchase Order after an item or service has been purchased you must submit:
    • Invoice
    • Unauthorized commitment letter. Letter must explain:
    • Why weren’t proper procedures followed?
    • Why is it in the best interest of the state to pay the bill?
    • What mitigating steps are being implemented to prevent future occurrences?