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The Month-End Close and Report service helps units with the processes to close out their transactions each month. Generally, all transactions are due on the last business day of the month, except on holidays and at year-end close. Bookmark this page for exact dates and processes.

Month-End Close Status

Last Month Closed: May 2024

Central offices have officially closed the above month. This includes the transmissions and reconciliation of all transactions, and state approval to close the month.

Month-End Accounting Deadline

Friday, June 28

By this deadline, Accounting Services should receive the following:

  • Validated campus journal entries
  • Data collect batches (journal imports)

Critical: journal imports with state funds must be submitted.

Valid entries received past deadline, including valid entries pending departmental approval or with error status, will be deleted from the system.


Accounting Services targets the fourth (and no later than the fifth) business day of the month for month-end close and submits data to the State. State funds data may be affected after the fifth business day. Final month-end close is announced after the State accepts the data and is certified by the Controller’s office.

Trust F&A and State Budget Transaction Guidelines

  • State: State fund budget transactions should be submitted to the Budget, Planning and Analysis Office one day prior to the end of the month to have sufficient time for posting in the month. Please be aware some State budget transactions do not route to Central Office for approval and posting: it will be up to you to monitor and see those approved and posted. With the closing of the month’s activity, budget transactions will be deleted on the first working day in the following month. An email will be sent to alert you of budget entries that have not posted.
  • Trust: Trust budget transactions (journals/transfers) should be budget pre-checked, approved by department, and submitted to Accounting Services for approval one day prior to the end of the month. Please note that trust budget transactions not received by Accounting Services before month-end will be deleted by Accounting Services.
  • F&A: Please be aware F&A budget transactions do not route to Central Office for approval and posting; it will be up to you to monitor and see that transactions have been approved and posted.


Campus Journal system maintenance will be performed on Friday mornings, between 7 a.m. – 8 a.m.  During this maintenance window, please do not submit Campus Journal entries in ConnectCarolina. No other processes in ConnectCarolina will be impacted by Campus Journal system maintenance.

Helpful Hint: Budget pre-checking all budget transactions will catch errors and help Central Offices approve and post more efficiently.

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