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Almost all University purchases greater than $5,000 (and some purchases up to $5,000) require a purchase order. To obtain a purchase order, departments must create a purchase requisition in ConnectCarolina.

Purchasers need to attend the Creating Purchase Requisitions and Receiving class in order to gain access to the purchase requisition application within ConnectCarolina. Users are also encouraged to repeat the class or get refreshers via the additional resources available as needed.

Purchase Requisition Steps

1. Verify Your Purchase Method

2. Identify Purchase Requirements and Collect Documentation

Creating a strong requisition package will help the purchasing agent process your request accurately and in a timely manner. Be sure to include:

  • Clear and concise requirements
  • Key contact information
  • Supporting forms and documentation

See the Purchase Requisition Comments Checklist and the Purchase Requisition Attachments Checklist.

3. Create Your Purchase Requisition

For detailed step-by-step guidance refer to the Purchase Requisitions and Receiving Guidebook. The following highlights the key points for creating a well-defined, successful requisition.

  • Go to ConnectCarolina > Admin WorkCenter Links > Finance WorkCenter > BuyCarolina/Purchase Order > Requisition.
    Note: If you have not completed the training listed above you will not have the Finance WorkCenter link and cannot submit a purchase requisition.
  • The first time you create a purchase requisition you will be prompted to set up your requester preferences.
  • Click Special Requests.
  • Fill in required fields.
  • Price: For most requisitions enter unit price. Others:
    • Change order increases: Enter amount of the increase.
    • Change order decreases: Enter $0.
    • Contract-only requisitions (up to $5,000): enter $0.
  • Category Code: it is important to select the correct code. The code you select will determine the purchase requisition routing and will aid in pulling reports.
  • Supplier Name:
    • Purchases up to $25,000: enter the supplier’s name if known.
    • Purchases greater than $25,000: purchasing services will identify the supplier.
    • Contract-only requisitions (up to $5,000): enter “Contract Review Only.” This will prevent you from having to add the supplier to the vendor system.
  • Supplier Item ID: include if known.
  • Additional Information: any additional item details that will help the buyer.
  • Click Add to Cart.
  • Add additional items as needed.
  • Click Check Out.
  • Requisition Name: Enter a descriptive name to make it easy to find the requisition later.
    • If creating a change order, follow the format “Change Order <existing PO#> <descriptive text>.
  • Verify the chartfield string and shipping details.
  • Requisition Comments and Attachments: This section is critical for creating an effective, well-defined requisition. See:

4. Check Purchase Request, PO and Voucher Status

You can easily check the status and manage existing requisitions, POs and vouchers in the Finance WorkCenter. For help see Purchasing and Receiving: Useful Info.

For Requisition Approvers

See Approving Requisitions: This self-paced course describes the information to review when approving a vendor catalog requisition or a non-vendor catalog requisition.

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