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The University Travel and Expense (T&E) Card is a card method of payment available to full time permanent university employees through their departments, with appropriate approval from their department head or business manager. The T&E Card is the preferred method of payment for employees to use when traveling on official University business and for business entertainment expenses. The T&E Card is a Visa Card accepted anywhere a Visa can be used for allowable expenses. The T&E Card is different from other travel cards previously offered by the University: it is corporate paid and corporate liable; therefore, no personal purchases may be made on the card.

Employees who have been approved to receive a card must complete the mandatory online training and quiz. Upon completion, the employee will fill out the application for the card and submit the application, accountholder agreement form, and access request form to their Access Request Coordinator (ARC). The ARC will submit the application to the Travel Card Office via Infoporte for processing. When the T&E Card is ready, the Travel Card department will notify the employee that their card is available for pickup. Once in use, the Accountholder is responsible for submitting all receipts for T&E Card purchases in Concur Expense.

Receipts should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than 30 days from the date of purchase or from the last day of travel. See Expense Reimbursements page for instructions on how to appropriately prepare receipts for submission.

To Apply

Handbook and Training

Policies and Procedures


NOTE: Please download and save these forms before completing them.

Report T&E Card Abuse

Submit a report through the online form Anonymous Report of UNC-Chapel Hill Card Abuse.