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The University contracts for scientific gas cylinders and dry ice used in research.

Ordering Gas and Dry Ice for Labs

All gas and dry ice orders are placed through eProcurement. ePro is used for most purchases of less than $5,000.00. The purchases are processed through ConnectCarolina, except for dry ice, which is ordered through emailĀ  and then direct billed to the department.

Gases are available through Airgas or Arc 3 (see BuyCarolina vendors for more information). Contact information is below.

Ordering and Returning

You can order cylinders, request to return a cylinder without replenishment, or order refills and have the empties picked up through the ePro system. Directions on how to place such orders are detailed in the ePro vendor catalog. For those who need more help, a training on how to order is found on the training website under procurement.

If you are familiar with the ePro system, complete details on how to order or have cylinders picked up for each company are available in the Quick Reference Guides below:

Selecting Your Product

For more detail on how to select the right cylinders, see the following:

Rental Charges

Charges are based on the pick-up date, not the request date. For every cylinder your have, a rental charge will start on the first calendar day of the next month. We recommend returning it before the last business day of the current month. For example, if you receive a cylinder on 9/03/2018 and return it on 9/28/2018, there will be no rental charges. However, if you return it on 10/01/2018, you will be charged for the month. Likewise, if you receive your cylinder on 9/28/2018 and return it on 10/01/2018, you will still be charged rental charges. Procurement recommends returning the cylinder 3-5 business days before the end of the month to ensure it gets picked up on time.


You can request to return a cylinder without replenishment or order refills and have the empties picked up. Request a return going through ePro and create a requisition for “ReturnCylinder.” Complete details are available in the Quick Reference Guide below:


For part numbers, there is a cross-reference guide.
For billing, delivery, dry ice orders, order status, change orders
E-support for website access questions

Customer Service Number: 919-544-9699
(After hours calls, holidays and weekends are automatically routed through a live person call center who contacts operations staff and 24/7 on-call drivers)

Teresa Suggs
Billing, Order Status, or Change Orders
919-544-3772 ext. 311

Jason Newhouse
Billing, Order Status or Change Orders
919-544-3772 ext. 312

Ben Martin
Account Representative

If you are having trouble accessing the Airgas website through ePro, try another browser, or contact Airgas through the E-support email.

Michael Banks
Account Representative


Place dry ice orders with Airgas National Welders by filling out this UNC Dry Ice Order form.xlsx, copying it into the body of an email and sending it to:

Order and Delivery Dates
Dry Ice Ordered By Dry Ice Delivered
Friday 12:00 p.m. Following Monday
Wednesday 12:00 p.m. Following Thursday

Contacts. See the Airgas contacts in the Gases and Cylinders section.

For eProcurement questions, requisitions, purchase orders, canceling/closing a purchase order, liquidation, and billing, UNC contact:

Ammar Yameen
Director, eProcurement & Materials Management


OUTAGE: Airgas Dry Ice Deliveries Delayed Until Thursday

May 11, 2021

Airgas Dry Ice had an interruption in the plant supply and caused an unexpected delay in dry ice deliveries until Thursday. This shortage is not expected to affect further deliveries. If you need immediate assistance, contact Airgas Customer Service Number 919-544-9699.

Categories: Gas Cylinders News

NOTICE: Dry Ice Plant Outage and Delays

February 17, 2021

Please note that Airgas contacted us to inform us that dry ice deliveries are behind due to the winter storm that damaged the plant.

Categories: Gas Cylinders News