We assist campus customers in the ordering, receipt, tracking, and recycling of supplies purchased through ePro and vendor eCommerce. We also support the university storerooms and the gas fleet cards.

Options for ordering of goods less than $5,000

Allows departmental users to order online from contract vendors for goods under $5,000. These contract vendors provide deep discounts on UNC-Chapel Hill’s market basket, and payment is through an electronic settlement.

eProcurement Vendors and Additional Details

Purchases from these vendors are to be made using the eCommerce tools on the vendor’s site. All other online purchases of less than $5,000 should be made via eProcurement or from one of the storerooms listed below.

eCommerce Vendors

  • Bulk paper purchases
  • Keeps DLAM inventory
  • Sells products to campus
  • Delivers and provides support for Staples and Fisher Scientific orders, research supplies and toner recycling.
  • Purchases made from these storerooms will be billed to departments through the monthly MMD Statement.
  • See Policy 1241 – Purchases from University Storerooms

How to order bulk paper

To order bulk paper from the Mini Storeroom, please complete an order form and fax to 919-962-0589 or email to fin_distribution@unc.edu. Orders can be faxed or emailed. Your order will be confirmed and delivered by central receiving within two (2) business days.

  • Maintain consumable dental supply items for the Dental School.
  • The storeroom is operated by Logistics for the Dental School.
  • Only Dental School faculty, staff and students have access to the Dental Storeroom.

Dry ice orders. All other Airgas purchases should be made via eProcurement.

How to order

Place dry ice orders with Airgas National Welders by sending emails to ANWMorrisvilleAdministration@airgas.com. Please provide the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Department
  • Quantity needed
  • Account number
  • Delivery information (building and room)
Dry Ice Ordered By Dry Ice Delivered
Friday 12:00 p.m. Following Monday
Wednesday 12:00 p.m. Following Thursday

Fuel for University-owned vehicles is supplied through the campus fuel service station located at the motor pool or purchased off-site with the University’s Gas Fleet Card. The Gas Fleet Card is administered by the State of North Carolina Division of Purchase and Contract. A motor pool vehicle is assigned a specific Fleet Card and purchases are vehicle and card specific.