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Fraud Alert! Update: 5/26/2021 – The the ePro Team has received additional reports of Spam and/or Phishing emails from a Supplier. Suppliers should NEVER ask for credit card or personal information. In addition, departments have reported Amazon orders being placed that were not generated by their department. If you receive a questionable email from a Supplier, please report it to IT.

This department reports to Procurement and Strategic Operations.

eProcurement and Materials Management helps campus units get the everyday supplies and materials they need to operate in the most cost-effective and efficient way. The department is responsible for payments to many University suppliers. By leveraging the University’s purchasing power and developing strategic relationships with preferred vendors, the department implements vendor contracts for purchases of less than $25,000.




Ammar Yameen
Director, eProcurement and Materials Management
104 Airport Drive, Suite 2504
Campus Box 1100

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Fraud Alert! Amazon Phishing

May 26, 2021

We have had reports again of fraudulent phishing emails coming to staff today from a false Amazon source. If you receive a questionable email from a Supplier, please report it to IT by forwarding the email as an attachment to 

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OUTAGE: Airgas Dry Ice Deliveries Delayed Until Thursday

May 11, 2021

Airgas Dry Ice had an interruption in the plant supply and caused an unexpected delay in dry ice deliveries until Thursday. This shortage is not expected to affect further deliveries. If you need immediate assistance, contact Airgas Customer Service Number 919-544-9699.

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