Welcome to the Finance Training page. Due to the implementation of ConnectCarolina many of the training materials for the financial system, including CBTs, resource documents, parking lot questions and course titles and descriptions will be found on the ConnectCarolina Information site. Once you are logged in to ConnectCarolina, you may use the online Help to access documentation about a specific task.

All information on the Finance Training page deals with legacy systems which are still in use, or may be accessed for past information. If you have any questions regarding the Finance Training page, have a suggestion for a training topic or cannot locate a specific training, please email You may also want to the visit the Office of Human Resources’ Training and Talent Development website. To find all classroom training opportunities currently being offered by Finance Training, visit the UNC Event Registration website.


UNC-Chapel Hill Accounting 101 Module
Financial Environment at UNC Chapel Hill Classroom Training
NEW – Web Travel Routes and Groups in New FRED Manual (PDF)
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Funds Management Module
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Credit Card Merchant/PCI Data Security Training

PCI Data Security User Guide (PDF)
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ConnectCarolina Financials

Chartfield Structure 101 User Guide (PDF)
Chartfield String (PDF)
MOU Financial Lead Spreadsheet Document (PDF)
ConnectCarolina Account Number List List (XLS)
ConnectCarolina Chartfields Webinar Recording
Systems Staying & Going List (PDF)
ConnectCarolina FAQ Link
PeopleSoft 101 Webinar Recording
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Returning Airgas Cylinders Manual
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Finance Division Departmental Overviews

Finance Division Departmental Overviews are computer-based training designed to provide campus users with overviews of the departments that compose the Finance Division.
Budget Office CBT
Communications and Training CBT
Internal Controls CBT
Procurement Services CBT
Risk Management CBT
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How-To Brochures

Applicability of 4% Withholding
Buy Goods
Buy Furniture
Buy Services
Dual Employment Payments
Independent Contractors
Moving Expenses
Payments to Individuals
Surplus Property
Transfer Equipment
Use ePro and eCommerceWeb Receiving
How-To Brochures
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Graduate Student Insurance Program CBT
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Internal Controls

Internal Controls Module
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Accessing your Electronic Pay Stub Information
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Click here for eProcurement training information
NEW - P-Card (system training) Manual (PDF)
P-Card (legacy) P-Card FAQs
P-Card Initial Cardholder Presentation (required for first time Cardholder) CBT
P-Card Classroom Training Registration
Reading an MMD Statement Manual (PDF)
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Finance Data Warehouse Reports Manual
Finance Data Warehouse Reports Generator Manual
FDW Generator- Windows XP Service Pack 2 Instructional Guide (PDF)
FDW Generator-Basic Pivot Tables Instructional Guide (PDF)
FDW Generator-Filtering Concepts Instructional Guide (PDF)
FDW Generator-SL Fund Type Rules Instructional Guide (PDF)
FDW Generator-GL Fund Type Rules Instructional Guide (PDF)
FRS Manual
FRS Quick Reference Guide Instructional Guide
FRS Screen Guide Screen Guide (PDF)
How to Read Monthly FBM Reports Module
How to Use Finan$eer Module
E-Print Manual
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GradStar – Through ConnectCarolina Web Page
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Surplus Property

NEW – Surplus Property Management System (SPMS) Manual (PDF)
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Time Information Management (TIM)

Employee Quick Reference Guide Document

Non-Java User Manuals (Employees)

SPA Student and Temp Employees (Non Java) Manual
SPA Non-Exempt Time Stamp (Non Java) Manual
SPA Non-Exempt Employees Manual Time Entry (Non Java) Manual
SPA Exempt Employees (Non Java) Manual
EPA Permanent Employees (Non Java) Manual
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UNCTIM Thinstall for Employees

Time Stamp – SPA Student and Temp Employees Manual
Time Stamp – SPA Non-Exempt Employees Manual
Manual Time Entry – SPA Non-Exempt Employees Manual
Request Time Off – SPA Students & Temps, and SPA Non-Exempt CBT
SPA Exempt Employees Manual
EPA Permanent Employees Manual
TIM Rounding Information Manual
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TIM Access – Other Devices

Manual for Managers using Macs Manual
Manual for Teletime users Manual
Manual for Badge Terminal Users Manual

TIM Managers & Administrators

TIM Managers and TIM Administrators – Manual Part 1
Part 2
TIM Managers and TIM Administrators – Snippets (5-minute training):
Overtime to Comp Time
Comp Time to Overtime
Accrual Reporting Period Genie
Historical Edits
Historical Edits 2

Snippet 1
Snippet 2
Snippet 3
Snippet 4
Snippet 5
Snippet 6
Snippet 7
Snippet 8
Performing a Termination Snippet (10-minute training):Paying Out and Docking AccrualsRemoving Accrual Balances at Termination Snippet 1Snippet 2
TIM Managers – CBT Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
TIM Administrator Training Classroom Training
TIM Administrator and Manager Quick Reference Guide Document
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NEW – Web Travel Routes and Groups in New FRED Manual (PDF)
NEW - Web Travel Manual (PDF)
NEW - Creating Basic Approval Routes and Groups in Web Travel Manual (PDF)
NEW – UNC Training for Travel Agents Manual (PDF)