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Campus Unit (CU) Finance Leads oversee business processes for campus units, function to keep organizational units in step with campus-wide policies, procedures and financial regulations as mandated by the University and the State of North Carolina, and serve as the primary financial contact for their school/department.

CU Finance Leads have regularly scheduled in-person meetings and also utilize a secured Office 365 Teams site for exchanging ideas and other information.

CU Finance Leads who need access to the Office 365 Teams site, wish to suggest a Bright Line or training suggestion or have questions regarding the information should contact

Campus Unit Finance Leads
Area Campus Unit Finance Lead ConnectCarolina Finance Liaison
UNC System Office Daniel Dryer Scott Ganas
Chancellor’s Office
Chancellor Carly Perin Carly Perin
VC University Counsel Carly Perin Carly Perin
VC Institutional Integrity and Risk Management Carly Perin Carly Perin
VC Development Michael Brinkman Michael Brinkman
VC Public Affairs Carly Perin Carly Perin
VC Communications Tim Sabo Tim Sabo
Athletics Mike Perkins Mike Perkins
Exec. VC & Provost
College of Arts & Sciences Elizabeth Bakanic Elizabeth Bakanic
Kenan-Flagler Business School Joe Canady Shannon Taylor
School of Education Tammy Cox Tammy Cox
School of Journalism and Media Mark Richardson Mark Richardson
School of Law Nick Goettsch Cynthia Lowery
School of Info & Library Science Wendy Andrews Wendy Andrews
School of Data Science and Society Joe Daley Joe Daley
School of Government Lauren Partin Lauren Partin
School of Social Work Joe DiConcilio Joe DiConcilio
Graduate School Beverly Wyrick Beverly Wyrick
Summer School Michael Smith Michael Smith
School of Medicine Jennifer Blair Lauren Gardner
School of Dentistry Sijing Liu Sijing Liu
School of Nursing Mary Kelly Glidewell Mary Kelly Glidewell
School of Pharmacy Scott Savage Matt Rivenbark
School of Public Health Tiffany Farina Tiffany Farina
Provost’s Office
(Includes Enrollment Management, Academic Initiatives (UBC), UNC Global, Carolina Performing Arts, etc.)
Elizabeth Bakanic Elizabeth Bakanic
University Libraries Dan Comeskey Dan Comeskey
VC Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Jamie Smith Jamie Smith
VC Finance & Operations Carly Perin Carly Perin
VC Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement Cheryl Gerringer Cheryl Gerringer
University Central Management (budget committee, clearing, etc.) Carly Perin/Henry Price Carly Perin
VC Information Technology Services & CIO Steve Haring Dana Ward
VC Research Leslie Heal Leslie Heal
VC Student Affairs Amber Ali Amber Ali

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