We help campus units get the everyday supplies and materials they need to operate in the most cost-effective and efficient way and are responsible for payments to many University suppliers. By leveraging the University’s purchasing power and developing strategic relationships with preferred vendors, the department implements vendor contracts for purchases of less than $25,000.



Vendors the University contracts with through which departments can make online orders for goods and supplies.


Goods and services that are directly billed to the University and are charged to campus customers via invoices in the Customer Billing Management (CBM) system and Bill Presentation. Includes FedEx and Gas Fleet Cards.

Gas and Dry Ice

University contracts for scientific gas cylinders and dry ice used in research.

Logistics and Central Receiving

Special orders received through Central Receiving and are distributed throughout campus; as well as receiving and tracking of equipment and supplies purchased through ePro.


Oversees the removal, recycling and resell of University property through the Surplus Retail store.

Assets Management

Oversight, invoicing, reporting, trading, transfers, and sales of University property of items more than $5,000 in value.

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