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This department reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Budget.

The Department of Internal Controls cultivates a culture of strong financial control and compliance throughout the University by providing leadership, guidance, education and support tools, consultative services, business intelligence through monitoring and system testing through assessments.  In addition, they perform walkthroughs and audit remedies for campus financial related processes.

Certification of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Internal Control Status

Five Major Goals

  • Promote Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations
  • Reliability of Financial Reporting
  • Promote Awareness of, and Compliance with, Law, Regulations and Standards
  • Safeguard Assets
  • Accomplish Goals & Objectives of the University’s Financial Plan


  • Annual Assessment of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting
  • Annual Internal Controls Certification
  • Sub-Certification and Annual Attestation
  • Internal Control Evaluation and Recommendation Walkthrough – Partnering with the Office of Internal Audit
  • Audit Remediation Guidance


  • Internal Controls and Governance Committee
  • AICFR Committee
  • UNC Foreign Influence



Rod Smith
Director of Internal Controls
104 Airport Drive, Suite 3100
Campus Box 1225
Department Email
Department Phone
Department Fax


From the Editor’s Desk – Rod Smith, April 2022

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According to the National Fraud Information Center - credit card fraud in the United States has reached nearly $1 billion. Did you know that nearly 70% of credit card fraud occurs during the holiday season?

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I'd like to share information with you on "how having an established and experienced employee base impacts the internal control culture within the workplace."

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