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This department reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Budget.

Tax Policy and Analysis develops and maintains an institutional strategy for analyzing, assessing and managing potential tax exposure across a diverse portfolio of complex enterprise activities and financial transactions.

The department can help you:

  • Develop institutional tax strategy
  • Understand tax laws
  • Identify activities and transactions in which your group has tax exposure
  • Address potential tax exposure



Benjamin Davidson
Director of Tax Policy and Analysis and Associate University Counsel; Adjunct Professor of Law
104 Airport Drive, Suite 3100
Campus Box 1145
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Compressed Payroll Schedules and Overpayment Recovery Deadline

November 14, 2022

Due to the upcoming holidays, November and December payrolls are compressed. Please be aware of shorter turnaround times. Additionally, be aware all 2022 overpayments must be received prior to Nov. 30, 2022 for application to the current tax year.

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Unrelated Business Income Tax Compliance Questionnaire FY2022

November 1, 2022

The Financial Reporting department of the University Controller’s Office is responsible for compiling unrelated business income revenue and expenses each fiscal year for inclusion on the University’s annual Form 990-T filed with the Internal Revenue Service. This request pertains to FY2022 information, following the completion of the University’s financial statement audit. Please report Unrelated Business Income Tax for FY 2022 by November 18, 2022.

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