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This department reports to Procurement and Strategic Operations.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducts business with many domestic and foreign vendors, as well as Independent Contractors. Each has its own process of enrollment and policy, which must be adhered to when establishing these business relationships. Accounts Payable and Vendor Services manages all aspects of vendor invoicing, including:

  • New Vendors. Establishes protocols of enrollment for both Foreign and Domestic vendors into the UNC-Chapel Hill payment system.
  • Independent Contractors. Reviews and approves the enrollment of contractors who render services for the University.
  • 1099 Misc. Tax Forms. Oversight and compliance for non-employees who receive payment from the University.
  • Voucher Approvals and Payments. Reviews and approves all business entertainment and employee expenses to ensure State and Federal compliance. For information on filing employee’s expenses, see the Travel and Expenses website. In addition, we handle P.O. Vouchers (P.O.s), outside party vouchers, campus vouchers (including petty cash vouchers, independent contractor vouchers, cash advance vouchers and electronic funds transfers).



Jen Clark
Director, Accounts Payable and Vendor Services
104 Airport Drive, Suite 3500
Campus Box 1220

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[Formal Notice] Reminder: IRS Accountable Plan Policies Are in Effect

April 5, 2024

Employees will need to substantiate business expenses within 60 days or amounts may be taxable. Taxable amounts will be viewable on paystubs beginning with May 2024 payrolls.

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PaymentWorks Supplier Portal Coming This Summer

March 17, 2024

The University has selected PaymentWorks as a tool to manage supplier registrations and information.

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