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This department reports to Procurement and Strategic Operations.

The University of Chapel Hill conducts business with many domestic and foreign vendors, as well as Independent Contractors. Each has its own process of enrollment and policy, which must be adhered to when establishing these business relationships. Accounts Payable and Vendor Services manages all aspects of vendor invoicing, including:

  • New Vendors. Establishes protocols of enrollment for both Foreign and Domestic vendors into the UNC-Chapel Hill payment system.
  • Independent Contractors. Reviews and approves the enrollment of contractors who render services for the University.
  • 1099 Misc. Tax Forms. Oversight and compliance for non-employees who receive payment from the University.
  • Voucher Approvals and Payments. Reviews and approves all business entertainment and employee expenses to ensure State and Federal compliance. For information on filing employee’s expenses, see the Travel and Expenses website. In addition, we handle P.O. Vouchers (P.O.s), outside party vouchers, campus vouchers (including petty cash vouchers, independent contractor vouchers, cash advance vouchers and electronic funds transfers).

Stipend Payments

Vouchers for stipend payments must be fully approved by the Central Office and posted by the 10th of each month. It is each department’s responsibility to submit the vouchers early enough to ensure that the deadline of the 10th is met. Alternatively, stipend vouchers can be submitted in advance and be scheduled to pay by the 25th of its respective month. Stipend payments will be generated on the Friday before the 25th, or on the 25th if it falls on a Friday, depending on the month.



Janet Rupert
Director, Accounts Payable and Vendor Services
104 Airport Drive, Suite 3500
Campus Box 1220

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Updated! IC Speaker Form

October 22, 2020

To help speed up the process of hiring a one-day guest speaker to present to our campus community, the Accounts Payable team has worked with ITS to develop a stream-lined form and procedure for The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Update on Tax Reporting Obligations for Research Participants

August 21, 2020

Pursuant to U.S. tax laws, the University is required to issue an IRS Form 1099 to U.S. persons who receive $600 or more from the University during a calendar year. This applies to payments in the aggregate. Accounts Payable is the unit on campus that handles this reporting requirement.

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