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This department reports to University Controller and Enterprise Financial Accounting.

The Construction and General Ledger Accounting unit is responsible for maintaining capital construction records for capital improvement projects and to maintain operation of the State Institutional funds. Their duties include:

  • Maintaining budget, allotment, and actual balances on approved Capital budgets
  • Monitoring student fee distribution
  • Funding of pay cycles, including capital projects and remittance of payroll liabilities
  • Payments on approved Dual Employment and to other State Agencies via the State‚Äôs North Carolina Financial System (NCFS).
  • Monitoring, recording, and certifying incoming receipts via the State’s North Carolina Financial System (NCFS)
  • Quarterly reporting of the Accounts Receivable to the State
  • State Budget monthly allotments and weekly Cash Flow projection
  • Submissions of allotments and requisitions for funding from the State, and University debt financing or other sources for disbursements on construction projects
  • Submitting past due accounts receivable to NC State Department of Revenue per Set Off Debt Collection Act (SODCA)
  • Submission of North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS) file to the State and retrieval of BD701, BD702, BD725 Reports



Ebony Martin
Accountant, Accounting Services
104 Airport Drive, Suite 3400
Campus Box 1210

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