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Professional ethics are the foundation of an organization. If they are clear, firm and diligently maintained, our ethics can support great endeavors. Ethics represent our vital standards that are documented as the principles we believe in, the values to which we adhere, and the practices we follow. Unwavering adherence to high ethical standards will only be of benefit to those we serve, those to whom we are accountable, and ourselves. While the results of our service efforts will always be of critical importance, ethics focus on the choices we make in our professional endeavors. Our professional ethics include:


Maintain high standards of personal conduct, practicing honesty in all our professional relationships and endeavors. Be truthful in our actions and words. Let our decisions and deeds be based on the greater good of the University and not personal advantage. Actively avoid the occurrence or the appearance of a conflict of interest by meeting the high standards of the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy or the Additional, Dual, and Secondary Employment Policy. Exercise prudence and integrity in safeguarding University resources. Use fairness, impartiality, and objectivity to guide decisions.


Treat those with whom we work and those we serve with civility and consideration. Actively strive to merit the respect, trust, and confidence of colleagues, customers, and the public.


Exercise due professional care in the performance of every aspect of our work. Diligently devote our time, abilities, and energies to our responsibilities and duties.


Perform our professional duties with dependability, being watchful of the compliance aspects of our profession that are so critical to our service role. Embrace accountability for our work and service. Fully understand and be responsive to the needs of those we serve and always strive for the highest level of performance. Work to uphold the letter and spirit of our policies and regulations.


Be trustworthy with confidential information, but mindful of appropriate disclosure obligations. Appropriately protect privileged information and follow University established procedures to inquiries for public information.


Continually strive to enhance our professional skills so we may improve service to the University community. Seek out and participate in professional development opportunities for us and our colleagues, in order to maintain, as well as enhance, competencies.