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Starting Monday, April 15, when University employees log into the Time Information Management (TIM) system, they will see a new look and landing page. The current version of the TIM system is nearing its end of life, and updating it now will allow the University to take advantage of new features and an improved interface.

“While TIM will get a new look, using the upgraded system will still feel very familiar to University employees,” says Director of Payroll Services Walter Miller. “The process for recording time will remain the same, but moving to a new cloud-based system will also allow us to take advantage of new functionality, both now and in the future.”

TIM System employee landing page tiles
Preview of the TIM System Employee Landing Page Tiles

Some of the new features employees can expect to see include a more modern tile-based interface and enhanced reporting capabilities. The update will also allow more managers to see their direct reports. In the current system, managers of only EHRA employees are not able to access their employees’ timecards. Once the upgrade is complete, supervisors will be able to access and approve these EHRA timecards.

Another improvement will impact students and other employees who hold multiple positions. In the upgraded TIM system, these employees will automatically appear to supervisors and will no longer have to transfer between work units when entering work hours.

Upgrading to the new cloud-based TIM system will also present the University with opportunities to explore future functionalities, including a TIM mobile app and additional reporting options.

The TIM system currently manages time tracking for almost 20,000 University employees. Preparing to move these records to a new, upgraded system has taken 19 months of planning, development, and coordination between Payroll Services and ITS to ensure the transition will go smoothly.

Miller shares that in addition to the behind-the-scenes programming, “The TIM project team has already met with TIM Administrators to provide a preview of the new TIM system, and training resources will be available for all employees.” He stresses that there will be some impacts to the current TIM system beginning the evening of April 9 and recommends that all employees review the action items shared in the March 21 Formal Notice to ensure their time and leave reporting will be accurate after the update.

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