URGENT: Profile Information in Concur - We are aware of an issue currently impacting Concur profiles.
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To: Campus Unit Finance Leads, University Business Managers, Web Travel Users
From: Rebecca Spanos, Director, Travel and Payment Card Services

Travel Services has recently made the following updates to Web Travel processes:

Round-trip mileage over 350 miles

When entering a mileage reimbursement which exceeds 350 miles round trip, please ensure the total mileage is entered as one expense. Doing so will allow the system to properly calculate the reduced mileage rate as outlined in Procedure 1501.4 on Ground Transportation Expenses including Mileage Rates.

Mileage reimbursement for day travel

Multiple mileage expenses for day travel may only be submitted in one-month increments. Doing so will allow the system to more accurately evaluate the expenses for taxability as outlined in Policy 108 on IRS Accountable Plan. Submissions which include mileage spanning more than one calendar month will be sent back for correction.

Travel Advances for Web Travel users

The University is no longer utilizing Web Travel to issue travel advances. This change is being made to better support Policy 108 on IRS Accountable Plan. If a Web Travel user needs to request a travel advance, please submit a help ticket to the Concur Support Desk. The ticket should include the following information:

  • Traveler’s name
  • Traveler’s PID
  • Department ID which the trip will be charged to
  • Employee who will act as the traveler’s delegate in Concur
  • Employee who will act as the traveler’s travel assistant (if different than delegate)

Once received, the Concur Support Desk will create access for the traveler in Concur including the ability to request a travel advance. The traveler will follow the processes in Concur for this trip including submitting a travel request, booking airfare via Concur Travel (or the agents at World Travel, Inc.) and submitting an expense report. Upon completion of the final expense report for the trip, the traveler’s profile in Concur will be deactivated and they will continue to use Web Travel for future trips.

For questions on these changes, please contact the Travel Team at travel_team@unc.edu for more information.

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