NOTE: While World Travel's systems are operating normally, delays with travel reservations may still occur due to issues with other travel suppliers.
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To: University Business Managers, CABS Travel Arrangers
From: Rebecca Spanos, Travel and Payment Card Services Manager

Please share this information with all CABS users in your department/unit

Beginning Monday, Aug. 14, we are streamlining the approval and ticketing process of airfare reservations booked via the Central Airfare Billing System (CABS). In partnership with World Travel, Inc., we are introducing the use of WorldApprovals.

WorldApprovals will help to solve two common problems:

  1. Reduce the time between trip request, trip approval and trip ticketing.
  2. Ensure all information required for ticketing is present and valid.

Once a trip itinerary has been selected for a traveler, a WorldApprovals email will be generated to the Travel Arranger on the reservation similar to the email below. Once the Arranger confirms the information is accurate and ready for ticketing, they will select the link to approve the trip. The link will open a page in their web browser where they will confirm or provide the CABS number for the reservation and complete the approval process. This will dramatically improve the time to ticketing by automating the process and will help reduce possible price fluctuations. Please see WorldApprovals Frequently Asked Questions regarding this new process.

WorldApprovals email screenshot

As a reminder, all CABS reservations are initiated by contacting the World Travel Agent Team at 877-602-4950 or The CABS number should only be provided to ticket the reservation once the CABS Request has been submitted and is in Ready for Travel Agent status. To simplify the booking process, please be sure to include the following information regarding the traveler and the reservation:

  1. Legal name of the traveler as it appears on the photo ID which they use for travel.
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Cell phone number and email address of the traveler.
  4. Where they are traveling to and from, also known as the routing.
  5. Dates of travel.

For questions regarding WorldApprovals or CABS, please contact the Travel Team.

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