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To: Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs
From: Dennis Press, University Controller
Date: February 29, 2008

This memorandum is the annual reminder that we will be requesting your assistance again this year in providing information on leave data for each permanent employee (EPA and SPA, full and part-time) as of June 30, 2008. The leave information is a required component of the University’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. To view the Annual Report, go here.

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008, the University’s new Time Information Management (TIM) system will be used to obtain the leave information. Use of TIM will provide an improved method for compiling the required leave information. It is imperative that TIM is updated with the leave data for each permanent employee so that leave hours as of June 30, 2008 will be reported accurately and timely. Please ensure that your departments are using TIM for leave management and that leave data is maintained accurately and timely. If any department has not initiated the use of TIM for leave management, please refer to the TIM Website for training manuals and information at or email for assistance with the system.

The N.C. Office of the State Auditor performs an annual financial audit of the University and reviews the leave accrual information as part of their review. Your assistance in using TIM for reporting leave information accurately, maintaining supporting documentation for the leave information reported, and performing timely reconciliations of employee leave balances is appreciated.

Since TIM will be used for leave reporting, the leave liability update screen previously accessed through the Payroll System will no longer be used to report this information. The specific procedures for reporting the accrued leave hours will be provided to you in advance again this year, including recommended practices for accurate reporting and reconciliation of employee leave records. Although only the vacation and bonus leave hours as of June 30, 2008 are reflected in the Annual Report, data for other leave categories should also be accurately maintained in TIM.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this important matter.

cc: Business Managers
Human Resources Facilitators

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