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New Accounts for Small Capital Project Expenses

October 5, 2022

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2023, to improve the accuracy of accounting for small capital projects (capital projects which are less or equal to $300,000), two new accounts have been established. One is for building-related expenses and the other is for equipment and furniture-related expenses.

DDD: Campus Deposit Deadlines for Calendar Year End 2021

December 9, 2021

To:  Deans, Directors and Department Chairs; University Business Managers; Campus Unit Finance Leads From: Kristy Nash, Associate University Cashier CC: DeAhn Baucom, University Cashier Please note and share as appropriate the following adjusted deadlines related to December 2021 month end … Read more

Pandemic Tracking Update – Addition

October 21, 2020

As a follow up to campus feedback to the October 16 memo (included below) please note that departments may also use Connect Carolina Cost Code 3 fields for expenditure transactions as well, if your unit is already using CC1 and CC2.  If you have previously used Cost Code 3 before the October 16 memo for pandemic transactions, there is no need to go back and correct entries.

Pandemic Tracking Update

October 16, 2020

This memo acts as a reminder that all campus units (besides the School of Medicine) should continue to use FAECOVID-19 in one of the Connect Carolina Cost Code 1, 2 fields for all expenditure transactions (AP vouchers and GL journals) to identify COVID-19 related operating expenses, except for COVID Research Projects that are already tracked via Project ID.

PS Chartfield Changes – Deactivation of 183 Accounts

April 29, 2020

Central Offices have reviewed and identified a large number of inactive general ledger accounts that have not been used in recent fiscal years.

Attached is a list of 183 accounts which will be deactivated by the end of April 2020.