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To: Campus Unit Finance Leads, University Business Managers
From: Yiwen Wang, Financial Accounting Manager, Accounting Services

This memo acts as a reminder that all campus units (besides the School of Medicine) should continue to use FAECOVID-19 in one of the Connect Carolina Cost Code 1, 2 fields for all expenditure transactions (AP vouchers and GL journals) to identify COVID-19 related operating expenses, except for COVID Research Projects that are already tracked via Project ID.

To reclassify a specific COVID-19 related operating expenditure, please record a campus journal in Connect Carolina with the following guidelines:

  1. Cost code “FAECOVID19” is required for all campus units (besides School of Medicine)
  2. In the “Reference” field of a journal line, please list voucher ID for AP vouchers or journal ID for GL journals (example below)
  3. In the “Journal Line Description” field of a journal line, please list invoice number and vendor ID for AP vouchers, or list journal reference number for GL journals (example below)
  4. Attach InfoPorte report of the transaction in addition to original invoice (example below)

InfoPorte report example

If you need to reclassify large volume of COVID-19 related operating expenses, please contact Yiwen Wang at Accounting Services.

For any questions regarding this memo, please contact Yiwen Wang at

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