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Dear Campus Unit Finance Leads and University Business Managers,

The updated Payroll Issues service request is going live later today, and following email was sent to HR Officers, HR Representatives and Student Originators earlier today to announce the changes. This is FYI only.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated and improved the Payroll Issues help request in ServiceNow and plan to roll out the changes tomorrow evening, May 4. This service request form allows HR Representatives and Student Originators to request assistance from Payroll Services for issues with overpayments, underpayments, manual check requests and more.

Here are the key changes:

  • You no longer need to attach a Payroll Exception Sheet or a Manual Check Request form.
  • There are now fields for both the Submitter’s Name as well as the Employee’s Name.
  • There’s a new option so you can submit requests for people who aren’t active in the system.
  • We added an HR Officer Attestation section to the form, so you don’t need to get an actual signature from an HR Officer.

Keep reading for more detailed information about the changes.

No More Payroll Exception Sheets or Manual Check Request Forms

The new version of the payroll issues request form is designed to capture all the information that you previously needed to add to the Payroll Exception Sheet and Manual Check Request forms. This new help request is dynamic, meaning that as you fill out the fields from top to bottom, additional fields will appear to add appropriate information to the help request.

New Fields for Submitter’s Name and Employee’s Name

We changed the name of the Requested for field to Submitter’s Name to make it clear that you should enter your own name instead of the affected employee’s name. This will ensure that the submitter of the request will receive updates as Payroll Services works on the request. There’s also a new Employee’s Name field for you to enter the affected employee’s PID or name. We recommend entering the PID when possible, to avoid mistakes.

Inactive Employees

Can’t find a person’s name or PID in the system? No problem. There is now an Employee Not Found checkmark box on the form. Check the box and you’ll get additional fields to add information about the employee.

New HR Officer Attestation Section

While you don’t have to attach a signed Payroll Exception Sheet or a Manual Check Request form anymore, you do still need to review payroll issues with the HR Officer in your school or division. Just enter your HR Officer’s name in the box and then check the Attestation box to confirm that you’ve reviewed everything with them. If you don’t know who your HR Officer is, you can click the School/Division HR Officer Information link at the top of the request to see a list for the University.

Helpful Tips

  • If there are ePARs in ConnectCarolina related to the employee’s payroll issue, you can enter one or more numbers in the ePAR Number field. This will help Payroll Services manage your request more efficiently.
  • Have you ever wondered what the Request Reminder field is for? Enter a short description of what the request is about and when you go to My Requests to see the list of your requests, you’ll see the reminder text in the list, so you don’t have to open requests to see what they’re about.
  • Don’t see a field that you were expecting to see on the form? Keep in mind that the request form is dynamic. This means that certain fields don’t show until you make a choice above it, so always fill in the form from top to bottom. For instance, you won’t see the Payment Request choices until you choose a Pay Cycle.

If you have any questions about the new payroll request, please contact the HR Business Systems Help Desk at 962-HELP, option #3.

Thank you,
Walter Miller
Director of Payroll Services

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