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This information is to assist the timely process of 2022 Calendar End Payroll Dates as well as serve as a reminder of other important Payroll Services at the end of the calendar year.

Payroll Services prepares and distributes all University payrolls, ensures University compliance with all payroll operations rules and regulations, and maintains required records and reports.  The department requests cooperation from all campus units to meet the mission of ensuring accurate and timely payments for all University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees. Campus Units can accomplish this by abiding by payroll deadlines, validating each payroll cycle, and following up with employees and all respective departments to ensure actions are processed.

Should you have questions concerning resources and tools available,

Validating Payroll

All HR Reps and Student Organizations are expected to validate the payroll every pay period between lockout up to the day before confirm. To find the payroll lockout and confirm schedules, see the Payroll Preparation and Distribution page.  Click on the payroll calendars and locate the current pay period to identify the applicable Confirm Date. Payroll is FINAL on the day of Payroll Confirm.

Important 2022 Payroll Dates

Due to the upcoming holidays, December payroll schedules are compressed.  Please be aware of the shorter turnaround times and earlier deadlines as listed below.

Also, please note the early Biweekly 13 TIM Sign-off deadline is Monday, Dec. 19 at 10 a.m. to meet early payroll deadlines.  Sign-off reminders for Biweekly 13 will be emailed to TIM administrators in advance.

B12 Pay Period, Nov. 21 – Dec. 4

  • School/Division ePar Approvals deadline : Dec. 6 (noon)
  • TIM Admin deadline: Dec. 6 (5 p.m.)
  • Central Office ePAR Approvals deadline: Dec. 8 (end of day)
  • Payroll Lockout (all transactions due): Dec. 9 (noon)
  • Payroll Confirm/Lockout Ends: Dec. 13 (noon)
  • Payday: Dec. 16
B13 Pay Period, Dec. 5 – Dec. 18

  • School/Division ePar Approvals deadline : Dec. 15 (noon)
  • TIM Admin deadline: Dec. 19 (10 a.m.)
  • Central Office ePAR Approvals deadline: Dec. 19 (end of day)
  • Payroll Lockout (all transactions due): Dec. 20 (noon)
  • Payroll Confirm/Lockout Ends: Dec. 22 (noon)
  • Payday: Dec. 30
M06 Pay Period, Dec. 1 – Dec. 31

  • School/Division ePar Approvals deadline : Dec. 9 (noon)
  • TIM Admin deadline: Dec. 13 (5 p.m.)
  • Central Office ePAR Approvals deadline: Dec. 13 (end of day)
  • Payroll Lockout (all transactions due): Dec. 14 (noon)
  • Payroll Confirm/Lockout Ends: Dec. 19 (noon)
  • Payday: Dec. 23

Overpayment Recovery

For all 2022 overpayments, payments must be received in the Payroll Department prior to Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, for application to the current tax year. If payment is not received prior to Nov. 30, 2022 employees will be responsible for the gross amount of the overpayment in the following years, due to the tax implications of crossing tax years, as this affects withholding.

Verifying Home Address

Please ensure that the employees in your department have their current home address in ConnectCarolina. The current home address is where the University sends your benefits correspondence and printed tax forms. Please take a moment to remind your employees to double-check their home address in the campus directory before winter break and update it if necessary, to make sure your tax forms are delivered to the correct address.

  • Sign in to ConnectCarolina and click the drop-down arrow in the top blue header to select the Self Service home page.
  • From there, click the Personal Information tile, and then Addresses option on the left side of the Personal Information screen.
  • Verify that your home address is correct.
  • If not, click the red pencil icon next to your home address and you can edit the fields.
  • Be sure and click “OK” at the bottom of the Edit Address page, and then Save.

Choose Paperless W-2

Please remind employees that they may  opt-out of receiving a paper W-2 form and instead download an electronic copy form the ConnectCarolina Self-Service menu when W-2s are released.

  • Sign in to ConnectCarolina and click the drop-down arrow in the top blue header to select the Self Service home page.
  • From there, click the My Pay and Taxes tile, and then W-2/W2c Consent option.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to stop receiving a printed W-2.
  • Once the employee has consented to opt-out of the printed version of a W-2, the selection will show up on the screen.

For more information on W-2s, see the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement web page.

Employee Direct Deposit

Please be aware that the University requires all employees to be paid by direct deposit into a U.S. bank or credit union account, for the duration of the employment, regardless of employment date. In addition to direct deposit being mandatory, enrolling in direct deposit benefits employees by providing assurance that their payments will be automatically deposited regardless of family emergency, natural disaster, or public health scenarios.

Employees can enroll or make changes to account information for direct deposit by using 2-Step Verification Duo and ConnectCarolina’s Self-Service menu.

Employees can also divide their direct deposit amount into several accounts. For example, to have a portion go into a checking account and another portion go into a savings account. Managing direct deposit accounts online also uses Duo 2-Step Verification. Setting up multiple direct deposit accounts is more complex than a single direct deposit account, so employees should review the step-by-step instructions carefully.

Employees Working Outside of N.C.

Remember to notify Payroll Services if you have an employee working outside of North Carolina. Failure to report out-of-state employees to Payroll Services can have a number of negative tax compliance consequences for both the employee and the University.

For further details, see the August 4 memo.

If you have questions, or to send in the form, email

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