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Please share this information with all travelers and travel assistants/arrangers in your Department/Unit.

To: Campus Unit Finance Leads, University Business Managers
From: Rebecca Spanos, Travel and Payment Card Services Manager

To simplify the expense reconciliation process and reduce the financial impact of booking through Concur Travel/World Travel Inc, the University has implemented a central method of payment for World Travel Agency Fees, effective Oct. 18, 2022.  This includes fees incurred for online reservations as well as agent-assist reservations.

Travelers will no longer see World Travel Agency Fees charged to their T&E Card, the Airfare Direct Bill Card, or to their personal credit card if they are booking business reservations and paying out of pocket.

This includes fees for booking or re-booking airfare, hotels, car rentals, and/or train tickets.  Because these fees will be paid for centrally, travelers will no longer need to reconcile separate fee transactions on their expense reports in Concur.

World Travel Agency fees assessed for reservations booked via CABS for Students and Guest Travelers will also be paid for centrally.

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