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Starting Nov. 1, 2021, a new shortened Independent Contractor form will be available to members of the public who serve on committees and advisory boards with the University. This special category of worker is so often used, the Accounts Payable team worked with ITS, OSR and NC TraCS to develop a stream-lined version of the Independent Contractor form so that these collaborators could be enrolled into the payment system with less paperwork and paid promptly.


Community Collaborator
Community Collaborators are individuals who are paid to review and evaluate a University activity by sharing feedback, suggestions, insights, and concerns based on their perspectives as lay members of communities that may be affected by that University activity (i.e. community advisory board or focus group members).  This Form should not be used for professional trainers or training firms, research collaborators, professional consultants, or persons who receive confidential or proprietary information in the course of their work with the University.

Restrictions of Community Collaborator IC Form

  • The collaboration lasts no more than 1 year
  • The contract does not exceed $5,000.00
  • The collaborator is a US person who can provide an IRS form W-9 with the one-day Community Collaborator checklist

If the collaborator does not adhere to these above qualifications, the department should establish this vendor/supplier through the 708 – University at Chapel Hill Policy on Independent Contractor Policy and 708.1 – University of North Carolina Procedure on Independent Contractor Process.

For questions or more information, contact Accounts Payable at


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this to hire other short-term type individuals?
No. This form was created specifically for individuals serving as Community Collaborators. Most commonly, these collaborators are members of the public who serve on committees and boards, especially within (but not limited to) the medical research community.  Please see 708.1 – University of North Carolina Procedure on Independent Contractor Process for all other short-term workers.
What if the collaborator continues on for another year?
The department must submit a new Community Collaborator form and renew the contract for 1 year.
Will I still need to submit a new vendor request for the approved Community Collaborator form?
Yes. Just like a regular Independent Contractor, a new vendor request must be sent through Campus Supplier if the Community Collaborator has not been issued a supplier ID previously. Please see the procedure for complete details on how to submit.
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