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To: Campus Unit Finance Leads, University Business Managers
From: Rebecca Spanos, Travel and Payment Card Services Manager

As we previously announced in May, Travel Services has successfully consolidated unused airline ticket credits from University travel cancelled due to COVID-19. This consolidation effort was for tickets on American, Delta, Southwest and United which were booked through Maupin Travel, Travelink, University Travel and Viking Travel. To streamline the process to reuse these funds, a journal entry was posted on Friday to centrally credit the value of these tickets back to the original CFS used to purchase them. For most tickets, the full value of the ticket will be credited (not including the Travel Agency Booking Fee). To assist with any questions, a spreadsheet including the Airline, CABS Number, Ticket Value, and CFS will be provided to Campus Unit Finance Leads.

This effort has recouped nearly $600,000 in airline credits which might otherwise have been lost. Going forward, these credits will automatically be applied to airfare bookings made via Concur Travel. As the credits are used, the journals created by Concur will charge the airline ticket to the new department utilizing the funds.

Travelers and Travel Assistants will not see this form of payment change during the checkout process but may notice a payment type of UATP-American Airlines, UATP-Delta Airlines, UATP-Southwest Airlines or UATP-United Airlines when the purchases import into Concur Expense. Transactions will still be assigned to an Expense Report just like airfare purchases made on the T&E Card or Airfare Direct Bill Card. Once the Expense Reports are approved in Concur, the purchases will journal to the appropriate CFS.

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