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To: University Employees
From: Payroll Services and TIM Support

On Saturday, Oct. 31, an update will be made to the Time Information Management (TIM) system to remove Adobe Flash Player. Although you will no longer have to “run Flash” to utilize TIM, the actions that you do in TIM today and the way you access TIM will remain the same.

A planned outage is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 31. The issue we encountered on the October 17 outage has been resolved, and we are ready to proceed with the update.

During the outage:

  • Badges terminals will still operate and employees may swipe in and out.
  • Time Stamps and Teletime will not be accessible during the outage. Employees should keep a record of their times in and out worked during the outage and provide them to their TIM Manager or Administrator for manual entry on Monday, November 2.
  • Employees who enter their times worked in their timecards may do so on Monday, November 2.

Please contact 962-HELP (4357) for assistance with all technical issues related to TIM.

This message is sponsored by: Payroll Services and TIM Support

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