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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

Biweekly 21 Sign Off Deadline Extension

The sign off deadline for Biweekly 21 (3/30 to 4/12) has been extended to 10 a.m. tomorrow, April 15. Please submit sign off removal requests by 9 a.m. Any timecards that have not been signed off by 10 a.m. tomorrow will be signed off by Payroll.

COVID-19 and TIM Reminders

The attached document, ‘COVID-19 and TIM Update April 8’, provides guidance for new provisions effective April 1-April 30 for CDME mandatory designated onsite employees.

  • The CDME OnSite Banked Accruals and Pay Codes are only available to managers and TIM Administrators.
  • The University has designated that the CDME mandatory onsite premium be awarded as compensatory time to qualifying permanent employees.  If this compensatory time is not used within 12 months or at the point of termination, it will need to be paid out.
  • Included on the first page is reference material discussing the Administrative Absence pay code for the  Paid Administrative Leave Provision extending through April 30, 2020 and recording hours worked in TIM.
  • For EHRA temporaries, Post Docs, and 9 month faculty, please continue to maintain records of their Administrative Absence and CDME mandatory onsite time worked. Eligibility and method of recording this information in TIM is currently being reviewed.
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