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UNC Chapel Hill has been informed that UNC Healthcare will soon be retiring the UNC Healthcare Dual Employment policy.  Dual Employment is a statewide policy that applies when one state agency needs the services of an employee of another state agency on a part-time, consulting, or contractual basis. UNC Healthcare is not considered a state agency for the purpose of Dual Employment regulations.

The UNC Healthcare Dual Employment policy will be retired in two phases as follows:

  • As of October 1, 2019, UNC Healthcare will no longer consider any new requests for dual employment.  As a result, employees will no longer be able to enter into a Dual Employment arrangement with UNC Healthcare.
  • Effective December 31, 2019, the UNC Healthcare Dual Employment policy will be permanently retired.  Employees who currently have an approved Dual Employment arrangement will need to end their Dual Employment relationship and if applicable, work with their department to determine if an alternate option is available.

The purpose of this two-phased approach is to allow departments with employees currently engaged in Dual Employment with UNC Healthcare time to determine if there is still a need for the employee(s) to perform work for both UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Healthcare.  If there is still a need, then the department must take steps in order to hire and/or pay the employee(s) going forward as follows:

  • For SHRA employees: The employee may be eligible to continue their employment relationship with UNC Healthcare through secondary employment.  The UNC Chapel Hill SHRA Secondary Employment policy enables a full-time university employee to work for another employer outside of State Agencies or Universities as long as the employee’s secondary employment does not have an adverse effect on the employee’s primary employment and does not create a conflict of interest. For more information, refer to the SHRA Secondary Employment policy. If the employee is eligible for this option, they must complete a Secondary Employment Request Form prior to performing work with their secondary employer.  Should you have questions, please contact your assigned Talent Acquisition Partner at (919) 843-2300.
  • For EHRA Non-Faculty employees: contact Vanessa Ragland ( or Carl Farmer ( in the Office of Human Resources for instructions for hiring EHRA non-faculty.
  • For EHRA Faculty employees: contact Lachonya Williams ( in the Academic Personnel Office for instructions for hiring EHRA faculty.

For general or procedural questions, contact Teresa Watson in the Budget, Planning & Analysis Office via Dual Employment mailbox ( You can also visit, select Training->Computer-Based Training and view the Dual Employment CBT.

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