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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

On July 1, 2018, active permanent employees received a one-time award of 40 hours, prorated for part-time employees, in the ‘Bonus 2018 No Payout’ accrual in TIM.  A provision was included that applies to employees who have over 240 hours of Vacation on December 31st and took Bonus 2018 hours that calendar year.  It requires that the hours of ‘Bonus 2018 Taken’ used in the calendar year be deducted from the amount of Sick hours credited from the Vacation rollover and be returned to the Bonus 2018 No Payout accrual.  The rollover of hours over 240 from Vacation to Sick happens automatically in TIM on January 1st.  The Bonus 2018 adjustment happens annually after December timecards have been signed off in TIM.

The monthly timecard sign off deadline is 5:00 p.m. on the 15th of each month.  In order to process the Bonus 2018 Adjustment for calendar year 2019, any unsigned off December timecards will be signed off by Payroll at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, January 15.  Bonus 2018 Adjustment hours will be applied in TIM by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 16.

An example– An employee used 20 hours of Bonus 2018 Taken in calendar year 2019.  The employee had a balance of 294 hours of Vacation on December 31, 2019, so 54 hours rolled over from Vacation to Sick in TIM on January 1, 2020.  After December timecards have been signed off, by 5:00 p.m. on January 16, 2020, TIM will deduct the 20 hours Bonus 2018 taken from the employee’s Sick balance on Jan. 1 and return it to their Bonus 2018 No Payout balance on Jan. 1.

Employee’s December 31, 2019 Ending Balances

Vacation, 294 hours

Sick, 30 hours

Bonus 2018 No Payout, 20 hours

Employee’s January 1, 2020 Adjustments & Balances


294 hours (starting balance) – 54 hours (rollover) = 240 hours (ending balance)


30 hours (starting balance) + 54 hours (rollover) = 84 hours – 20 hours (bonus 2018 adj) = 64 hours (ending balance)

Bonus 2018 No Payout

20 hours (starting balance) + 20 hours (bonus 2018 adj) = 40 hours (ending balance)

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